August 2020

Delivery dates

31st of August 2020

Customer names

EnergyVision in August 2020: 4 B2B projects in Brussels, 4 Solarclick roofs, 12 MW in China

Short description of the project

Through the Brusol initiative, one new Solarclick project a week was started in August. The temporary suspension caused by the lockdown is long since forgotten!

  • Construction on our B2B projects has continued non-stop throughout the year, and this month was no exception: we finished four more projects.
  • Morocco’s lockdown measures are more relaxed than they were earlier in the summer. Deliveries are now possible again. We’ve also added several new technologies, including solar-powered cooling systems.
  • China is firing on all cylinders: we started working on 12 MWp worth of projects in August.

A few photos of our customers’ sites