Another EnergyVision LED project: Bekaert Deslee, Wuxi


Name of client

Bekaert Deslee (ex-Bekaert Textiles)

Key figures for the installation

64 LED high-bay fittings instead of old mercury vapour lamps
Annual saving of a good 150,000 kWh


Wuxi, China

Brief description of the project

At the Bekaert Deslee warehouses in Wuxi (near Suzhou in southern China), EnergyVision replaced all the old mercury vapour lamps with high-efficiency LED fittings. Besides more light and a better colour temperature, the result is a substantial saving on maintenance and consumption costs. As a consequence, the project has paid for itself in less than a year.

See what happened to the client’s building

Our lamps used to break every year and we had to phone around to find someone to replace them. Now we don’t have to worry about that for ten years. And we will be saving money for ten years as well.

Wim MaesOperations Director China

A few images of the site

Thank you for your confidence in us, Bekaert Deslee!