Another EnergyVision PV project: Brico Rabat, Molenbeek

Name of client

Brico Rabat

Key figures for the installation

80.4 kWp in east-west orientation


Molenbeek, Brussels

Brief description of the project

We built a plant of over 200 solar panels on the shop’s roof in just a few days (when the shop was closed) in the middle of the summer. It will deliver some 70,000 kWh of green energy annually.

See what happened to the client’s roof

EnergyVision @ Brico Rabat EnergyVision @ Brico Rabat

It's terrific that our shop is now running on green electricity! And well done to your team for its seamless, professional approach!

Jamal AkodadManaging Director

Some images of the site

EnergyVision @ Brico Rabat
Rabat 02
Rabat 03
Rabat 04
Rabat 05
Rabat 06

Thank you, Brico Rabat, for your confidence in us!