Another EnergyVision PV project: Central Food, Forest

Customer name

Central Food

Core details of the project

160.65 kWp in east-west orientation, delivering over 135,000 kWh of green energy annually


Forest, Brussels

Brief project description

Installing 510 panels on a rooftop was never this easy. At Central Food, we installed 160.65 kWp of solar panels on a former rooftop car park. The roof is now a permanent solar plant delivering over 135,000 kWh that will be consumed mainly locally, including for the building’s permanently running refrigerators.

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EnergyVision @ Central Food EnergyVision @ Central Food

It went very smoothly, and we're going to do the same to some of our other buildings!"

Ceylan OzkezerOwner

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Thank you, Central Food, for your confidence in us!

EnergyVision @ Central Food