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You can find the greenest, sunniest, but most importantly the cheapest energy at EnergyVision. Calculate your price for electricity and gas now.

No small prints and no exit fees. For enthusiasts there are free solar panels and that for 10 years. 

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100% green, 100% local

One simple formula

Keep it simple! No redundant assortment of options, just one formula at the cheapest rate on the market. Choose Cheap Energy from EnergyVision! 

Still not convinced? Calculate your price and become a customer in just a few clicks. Or find us at the top of the V-test.

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Enjoy a discount up to 225 euros now!

Cheap energy

  • The cheapest energy on the market
  • 100% green & local Belgian power
  • Fixed-variable
    • Fixed rate for the first 1,000 kWh
    • Your other consumption is variable
  • Your fixed rate is guaranteed for 10 years!
  • Not satisfied? Monthly termination without costs
  • Natural gas is also possible


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Choose the cheapest green power

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    Calculate your price for the greenest and cheapest energy

    Within a few minutes you can calculate your energy price. Based on your data, you will receive a customised proposal.

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    EnergyVision handles your switch

    We ensure a smooth transition to EnergyVision. After filling in your personal details, your meter reading and your desired switch date, we contact your previous energy supplier to arrange the energy transfer.

  3. 03

    You will receive a confirmation

    As soon as we have completed the administration for you, you will receive an e-mail with your exact switching date and you will officially be an EnergyVision customer. You will receive a welcome message with all useful information about your contract and our services.

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    Enjoy 100% green energy

    Enjoy cheap, green and local energy from EnergyVision.

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    Want to save even more?

    In combination with our energy contract, you can opt for free solar panels from EnergyVision! That way, you enjoy the cheapest solar energy, directly from your own roof.

    Free solar panels

Simply switch to EnergyVision and start saving on your energy bills right away.

Simply choose the cheapest green energy!

Not convinced yet?
Calculate your price in just a few clicks and get the greenest, sunniest, but above all the cheapest energy.
Without small print. 

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