Another EnergyVision PV project: Flexpack, Puurs

Name of client


Key figures for the installation

355 kWp in an east-west configuration
300,000 kWh generated per year


Puurs, Belgium

Brief description of the project

The small, existing ground-level installation (roughly 40 kWp) was moved to the roof of Flexpack’s sister company Flegado, a couple of miles away, and Flexpack received a customised solar panel installation on its roof: 355 kWp in an east-west configuration. We opted for east-west because production is better attuned to local electricity consumption and the stability of the roof didn’t permit a south-facing configuration, which is generally heavier. EnergyVision financed the entire operation. Flexpack received an immediate reduction in its energy price: a good 20% less than its current price. This price is capped until 2030, so it cannot go up at all.

See what happened to the client’s roof

The project was decided on and dealt with at lightning speed, without compromising on quality: safety and quality have always been the guiding principles. The result is a roof to be proud of and an energy bill that is a joy to receive, especially in the summer months.

Bruno De MaeyerManaging Director, Flexpack

A few images of the site

View the project here, filmed by a drone

Thank you for your confidence in us, dear Flexpack!