Another EnergyVision LED project: Holiday Inn, Tianjin

Name of client

Holiday Inn

Key figures for the installation

Complete LED relighting in phases.
Saves a good 200,000 RMB per year.


Tianjin, China

Brief description of the project

The Holiday Inn is counting on Energy Vision for phased replacement of all the lighting in the hotel ‘Holiday Inn Aqua City’ in downtown Tianjin in 2017-2018. The goal is to increase light and reduce energy costs. All the rooms and the swimming pool have already been dealt with (creating annual energy savings of 200,000 RMB). In 2018, the restaurants and meeting rooms will be tackled as well.

Thanks to your relighting, we save on our energy bill, and even more importantly: we have increased the intensity of our lighting and the comfort of our guests.

Mr. YangManager of Engineering Department

A few images of the site

Thank you for your confidence in us, Holiday Inn