June 2020

Delivery date

30th of June 2020

Customer names

EnergyVision in June 2020: Five B2B projects in Brussels, restart of Solarclick, 7 MW in China, containers to Morocco

Short description of the project

A busy month indeed!

  • Morocco is still in lockdown, but 16 containers are making their way to the country from Belgium and China, to supply our upcoming projects.
  • In Brussels, we completed five B2B projects, which are now generating over 1.2 MWp of green energy for us.
  • Work also started on the Solarclick programme, after Covid-19 had put it on hold. In the same month, we installed 300 kWp worth of panels on government buildings.
  • In China, we set up two new projects, together accounting for 7 MWp

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