A lower energy bill in 2 simple steps

Step 1

Reducing your consumption

We examine your energy consumption and replace your
Old technologies that consume a lot of energy.

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Step 2

Reducing your energy costs

We use the unused space of your roof and place our solar panels free of charge.

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We can reduce your energy costs by 10 to 35%

1. Reducing your consumption

The quickest way to reduce your consumption is to identify the low-hanging fruit among your energy-guzzlers. The best example: your lighting. We carry out a lighting study to check how much energy your lighting consumes and identify potential savings. This study takes place at our own expense. You don’t pay anything at all!

We look at your current lighting infrastructure and look for customised solutions. We take into account your wishes, needs and business activities. This way you have an optimal light level, but a guaranteed lower power.

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2. Reducing your energy price

Now that your consumption is lowered, we will start to work with your energy price. Also it can be fixed lower and more stable! To this end, we focus our arrows on green, sustainable energy sources. Solar panels for example.

We use your spare roof space to install our solar panels, free of charge. We generate green power which you can use freely, at a lower (fixed) price than your current price per kWh.

This formula means there is no risk whatsoever on your part. You save money on your energy bill and leave all the headaches to us:
– We take care of all the technical aspects (grid study, stability study etc.).
– We take care of all the administrative tasks (contact with the grid operator, permits etc.).
– We bear all the performance-related risks (if the installation doesn’t work, we don’t earn anything).
– We bear all the financial risks (we finance the investment; you only pay for the power you actually consume).

The result? You enjoy a cheaper energy bill. In addition, you can take over the installation for a symbolic euro at the end of the year, which will allow you to enjoy completely free green electricity for years to go.

Find out how much you can save