Savings on lighting & energy

It goes without saying, right? The cheapest energy is the energy which you don’t consume. And that’s certainly the way it is. So before we reduce your energy price, we first check whether we can reduce your actual consumption.

The quickest way to reduce your consumption is to identify the low-hanging fruit among your company’s energy-guzzlers. The best example is your lighting. In a factory hall, lighting represents around 5% of your company’s energy consumption, in offices it accounts for over 20% and in warehouses the figure can reach as much as 70%. So there are a lot of potential savings to be made!

We carry out a lighting study to check how much energy your lighting consumes and identify the potential savings. This study is at our expense. You don’t pay anything at all.

We examine your current lighting infrastructure and look for custom solutions, taking your wishes and requirements into account. The result: an optimal lighting level throughout your company, with lower consumption guaranteed.

Step 1: Your current situation

Together, we examine firstly how much your current lighting consumes and secondly how well your current lighting satisfies your requirements: do all the zones have sufficient light? Too much light? Not enough? Is it a pleasant colour? The study charts your entire lighting situation from A to Z.

Step 2: Possible solutions

We then examine the best ways to optimise your energy situation. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as installing a movement or daylight sensor which deactivates your lighting when it is not required. Sometimes it means replacing your old fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. And sometimes it involves completely relighting your premises, replacing all the lighting with the latest generation of energy-efficient fittings. Not only do they consume far less energy (up to 70% less with the same light output!), they also have a much longer service life. As well as reducing your energy consumption, you will also achieve a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

This allows us to increase your lighting comfort whilst reducing your energy costs – a win-win solution!

Step 3: What about the rest of the building?

We also perform the same exercise for the other technologies. However, we stay away from your core processes. We don’t mess with your machines. You know them much better than we do.
No, we look at all the other elements of your building. Your insulation, for example. Did you know that in the summer, a lot of heat enters the building through your windows and skylights? Do you cover or paint them? Far better solutions exist. From a simple spray which blocks heat rays (for your skylights) or a film which you can attach to your windows, to replacing your current roof lights with small, high-performance skylights which bring in more light of a higher quality through smaller roof openings.

We examine every little detail together, doing everything in our power to reduce your energy consumption.


You win 4 times over, with no investment or risk!

1. Avoid major investments in lighting
2. Immediate savings on your energy bill
3. Risk-free commitment to sustainability
4. The best technologies, with no investment

Practical guide: how we do this for you

1. A lighting study at our own expense
2. We select the best technologies for your needs
3. We replace all your lighting for you
4. You save money from day one

For the technically-minded people

all the details of our lighting solutions here