Another EnergyVision PV project: Sint-Pieterscollege, Jette

Name of client


Key figures for the installation

89.05 kWp in an east-west orientation.


Jette, Belgium

Brief description of the project

Over the summer holidays, we installed 274 solar panels on the roofs of Sint-Pieterscollege in Jette. This school is part of the not-for-profit association Sint-Goedele and participates in a total sustainability programme. We also installed solar panels on various other roofs within the group. All together these panels will yield around 780,000 kWh of green energy every year. As a result, Sint-Goedele will make an annual saving of EUR 77,000 in electricity costs, with the money saved being spread across all institutions, including those without solar panels.

See what happened to the client’s roof

Sint-Pieterscollege voor Sint-Pieterscollege Na

A few images of the site

Sint-Pieterscollege 01
Sint-Pieterscollege 02
Sint-Pieterscollege 03
Sint-Pieterscollege 04
Sint-Pieterscollege 05
Sint-Pieterscollege 06

Thank you for your confidence in us, Sint-Pieterscollege Jette!