Building a sustainable future together

Where does our green energy come from?

We want to make renewable electricity the easiest choice for everyone - that's why all our electricity tariffs are 100% green. But what makes our electricity 100% green? And how will we bring everyone into this? Find out here. 

How do we get all this green energy?

Over the past 10 years, we have invested in quite a few solar installations. These were installed all over Belgium on various roofs of companies and houses. A fraction of the green energy generated by these is used locally. The rest of this energy is shared with you. So we can enjoy locally produced renewable energy together.

Today, that portfolio of green energy is enough to provide power for more than 50,000 families. But it does not stop there, as we have decided to expand this sustainable effort further. Not only are we making power available to those 50,000 families, but we are also providing them with solar panels. With these solar panels, we can once again power another 100,000 families, and this cyclical process continues.

In the coming year, we will install around 600,000 solar panels, 200,000 of which will be in Flanders and Brussels. These 200,000 solar panels are estimated to generate as much as 72,000 MWh of additional energy. It is a step forward in our commitment to renewable energy generation, serving not only our own flywheel of energy needs, but also contributing to a larger community of families enjoying renewable energy.

Green power from our own portfolio  

The green electricity you buy from us comes directly
from our own portfolio of solar installations. These 
solar installations are at your home, at companies or around the corner.

Roofs of houses

Solar installations at your home, other homes or around the corner.

Roofs of businesses

Solar installations at companies such as SnowWorld and Brussels Expo.

Soon to include ground projects

This summer, we will install the second largest solar farm ever in our country.

Our green energy transition in figures

Most sustainable company in Belgium

EnergyVision won the 2023 Trends Impact Awards, both in the "climate and energy" category and the Global Impact Award, which honours Belgium's most sustainable company. A broad jury looked for companies that create sustainable value for society and named EnergyVision (from a pool of 140 nominated companies) as the overall winner.

"The selection criteria included ESG criteria and SDG targets," said Roularta CEO Xavier Bouckaert, who presented the award. "We look at ecology, circular economy, well-being, diversity and inclusion, resilience, technology, mobility, energy and climate. EnergyVision scored best across the board."

"The award is a nice recognition for our teams, a support also for the mission we have had since the start: to involve as many people as possible in the energy transition, especially people who would otherwise be left out, and to do so without costing them," says Maarten Michielssens, CEO of EnergyVision.