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  • Slow and fast charging
  • 100% green and local electricity 

Yesterday we were cheaper than
98.0 of providers, and even 
99.8 for fast charging.

Data provided by Eco-Movement

Yesterday we were cheaper than
98.0 of providers, and even 
99.8 for fast charging.

Are we the least expensive? 
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With the help of Eco-Movement, an independent data provider for charging stations we closely monitor the prices of all providers in Belgium.

Comparison table
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
98.0% 98.0% 98.0% 98.0% 98.0% 98.0% 98.0% AC + DC
99.8% 99.8% 99.8% 99.8% 99.8% 99.8% 99.8% DC

What do you mean, lowest price?

Always the same, lowest rate for fast charging and regular charging


At EnergyVision, you pay one and the same rate for both fast charging and regular charging. Thanks to our green energy, coming from our own solar installations, we are able to offer the cheapest rate. We constantly monitor prices in the market to always offer you the cheapest power.

Your own
charging card and app

Regular charging
and fast charging

Always the 98%

Cheaper elsewhere?
Get the difference back

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Do you charge at one of the EnergyVision charging stations with your EnergyVision charging card? Then you will enjoy the lowest rate for fast charging as well as regular charging! Discover our network here.

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Besides our own network, with our charging pass and app you have access to more than 350,000 third-party charging points all over Europe!

Discover our network here

Our spot rates are valid throughout Belgium, except for public street poles in the Brussels region. Our network in Brussels was installed as part of a tender, in which the local government and grid operator decide on the applicable tariffs.

Guaranteeing the lowest rate with our green EnergyVision charging stations

Cheaper elsewhere? Get the difference back

Every day we compare all charging rates in Belgium so that we can always offer you the cheapest. Still, one may slip between the cracks. Did you see a cheaper rate elsewhere but charged with us? We will refund you the difference! Discover the conditions here.

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