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Smart energy solutions to benefit you

Sustainable business is becoming increasingly important, and renewable energy in particular can help you save a lot. But first, of course, there is a heavy investment. With EnergyVision as your energy partner, that investment is unnecessary, as we offer you free solar panels and free charging stations. All our solutions are also available with battery.

Free solar panels

Enjoy free industrial solar installation and cheap, green electricity for up to 30 years. Find out more (link to block of free solar panels).

Free charging infrastructure

Go sustainable with our free charging stations and offer your employees and customers an unrivalled charging experience. Find out more (link to free charging infrastructure block).

Rent out your roof/ground

Do you have unused land or roof area you would like to give a purpose? We will rent it from you to place solar and charging installations on it. Of course, you get access to the green electricity produced. Find out more (link to block rent your unused roof surface or unused land.

Solar energy in your business

Panneaux solaires gratuits sur votre toit ou votre propriété

Energy is a big chunk of the budget for everyone, including businesses. So reduce your energy bills with 100% free solar panels from EnergyVision. The green power you consume will be given to you at a very advantageous rate that is fixed for 10 or even 30 years.

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Free charging infrastructure in your enterprise

Free charging stations in your company's car park

Electric driving is on the rise. Don't have charging poles on your premises yet, but thinking about it? Smart move, because more people will find their way to your company. Our infrastructure will also cost you nothing at all, as we come and install and maintain everything for free.

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Get returns from your business premises

Rent out your unused roof surface or unused land

Looking for a purpose for your vacant land or unused roof surface? With EnergyVision, you can make money from it and help accelerate the energy transition. You don't have to do anything yourself, just rent the land to us. The green electricity produced will be entirely at your disposal.

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Free solar panels, charging infrastructure and installation

You do not have to invest anything yourself

Guaranteed savings on your energy bill

You pay a fixed and very advantageous tariff for the green energy consumed


Your energy tariff is fixed for 10 or even 30 years


We handle everything, from preparation (e.g. permits) to installation and after-care (insurance, maintenance, monitoring, etc.).

"Thanks to EnergyVision's complete solution, I was able to provide a solution to the various retail chains and customers without having to make the investment myself. EnergyVision takes care of the entire operation to provide total relief!" 

- Adelin Demeyer, Owner Shopping Centres DGL Wommelgem

Une sélection de plus de 20 000 clients

These companies have gone before you


Brusol, Brussels

7,000 households, which means 98,000 solar panels.

Last year, we started up more than 2,000 sites in perfect safety. That brings the total to 7,000 installations since we began at the end of 2018...

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ASTER, Flanders


We are very proud to announce that EnergyVision has been awarded the tender by ASTER, the cooperative society of the Flemish social housing...

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Solar lighting in Morocco

Completely autonomous outdoor lighting, controlled by a small solar panel and/or wind turbine.

In cities and villages, in companies and on university campuses, our teams have installed solar lighting all over Morocco: street lights that...

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Solar irrigation in Morocco

Fully autonomous irrigation systems, powered by solar energy

In rural Morocco, in places off the electricity grid, we have constructed customised solar panel installations of between 3 kWp and 150 kWp to...

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Chuangdeyou Science & Technology

A 8 MWp solar PV installation

Chuangdeyou Science & Technology had a combined total of more than 18,200 solar panels installed on the roofs of their buildings covering a huge...

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Xunerda Supply Chain

A 5 MWp solar PV installation

The Xunerda Supply Chain project is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. The PV installation has more than 9,100 solar panels, installed on a roof...

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