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The energy transition is expensive? Think again. Choose EnergyVision and enjoy the cheapest rate on the market! Green energy is good for the wallet and the planet. Calculate your personal rate in just a few clicks!

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Why EnergyVision is the best choice for you

100% green & local power

You get green and cheap energy generated from our own solar installations on roofs of homes and businesses across the country. So you can enjoy the cheap energy from the solar panels we install without any investment.

10-year certainty

Know what you get. We have one and the same tariff for all our customers, and it is the cheapest. You get the first 1,000 kWh at a fixed rate for 10 years. Not satisfied? Get out (free of charge) at any time. 

A personal customer experience

Are you being sent from pillar to post with your current energy supplier? Terrible, isn't it? We hate it ourselves. That's why you always get a real human being on the phone with us. Are you less than 100% satisfied with our service? Send your complaint directly to our CEO: maarten@energyvision.be.

Free solar panels

Yes, we provide cheap power, and we also install free solar panels on your roof for those who want! We have already done that for more than ten thousand households. You only pay for the electricity you use yourself. So you can save your hard-earned money for nice things

EnergyVision's energy

Where does the 100% green energy come from?

We provide you with 100% renewable energy, generated from our own solar installations that we have built over the years in your neighbourhood. 
Soon on your roof too?

EnergyVision is the Belgian market leader in solar panels. We have thousands of installations all over the country, from very small to gigantic. It is that green energy that we supply to you. 100% green, 100% local, that's what we guarantee every day.

When our solar installations are not producing, such as at night, we supplement our own power with wind energy that we buy locally.

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Your house becomes a sustainable home with our energy solutions
Discover all our energy solutions

Besides a cheap electricity tariff, we also invest in solar panels on your roof. In addition, we have a network of charging stations with competitive charging rates, accelerating the transition to electric mobility.

Electricity & gas

The cheapest tariff for green electricity in your home. Locally generated!

Electric driving

Fast and slow charging at the same, lowest rate? You have that guarantee. If you do find cheaper elsewhere, we will refund the difference.

Solar panels

Taking advantage of solar panels without investing? Apply for your installation here and enjoy cheap, green electricity.