Another EnergyVision PV project: Gare Maritime

Name of client

Extensa (Gare Maritime)

Key figures for the installation

A PV installation of approximately 3.4 MWp, part of the largest solar plant in Brussels, on the Tour&Taxis site.



Brief description of the project

Mounting ten thousand solar panels on the sloping roofs of the majestic Gare Maritime building, which is being restored to its former glory. That is what we were asked to do in August 2019. In October we delivered the panels and one month later they were on the roof. The AC work was completed in December. The Gare Maritime is one of Brussels’ architectural gems and our business card for the Brussels-Capital Region is now on its roof. From here, 3 million kWh of green electricity can be produced annually.

See what happened to the client’s roof

EnergyVision @ Gare Maritime EnergyVision @ Gare Maritime

For us, this PV project is the final step in the complete, sustainable transformation of the historic Gare Maritime complex. The green electricity will be used entirely on our site and will meet 75% of local demand. Working with EnergyVision went very well, and they kept us fully updated every step of the way.

Peter De DurpelCOO of Extensa

Some images of the site

EnergyVision @ Gare Maritime
EnergyVision @ Gare Maritime
EnergyVision @ Gare Maritime
EnergyVision @ Gare Maritime
EnergyVision @ Gare Maritime

Watch the coverage of Kanaal Z about the project

Thank you, Gare Maritime, for your confidence in us!