Another EnergyVision PV project: Motech, Jinzhou

Name of client

Motech (Solargiga)

Key figures for the installation

1.9 MWp
Over 2 million kWh generated per year


Jinzhou, China

Brief description of the project

EnergyVision installed a 1.9 MWp solar panel installation on two different roofs in Jinzhou in northern China. The installation was constructed in less than 30 days, with constant supervision by our Chinese and Belgian project managers. What is more, they were working in the very depths of winter, with the project due at the end of December 2017. On the coldest day of the installation, the thermometer read……. -27°C!

See what happened to the client’s roof

Despite the differences in language and culture, we managed to communicate without difficulty - and the financing that EnergyVision offered for this project was extremely attractive. It was a major project that was delivered on time and everything went smoothly: we will be doing this more often.

Wenhua TanChairman of Solargiga

A few images of the site

View the project here from start to finish in 24 seconds

Thank you for your confidence in us, Motech!