Another EnergyVision PV project: Silver Food, Berrechid

Name of client

Silver Food

Key figures for the installation

1061 kWp, with an annual production of over 1.8 million kWh


Berrechid/Casablanca, Morocco

Brief description of the project

In less than one month, we installed the largest PV project in the area surrounding Casablanca (Morocco). At Silver Food, we installed no less than 1061 kWp of solar panels, both on the roof and on the ground. The installation, with an annual electricity production of over 1.8 million kWh was fully financed by EnergyVision Maroc. Silver Food, a large fish factory which is the market leader in Morocco for varieties such as tuna, mackerel and sardines, will purchase electricity at cost price (in the local currency) over a period of six years. After this, the electricity will be completely free. The savings will run into tens of millions of dirhams.
The project is a prime example of Belgian-Moroccan collaboration. Special guests such as Princess Astrid, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders and the Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois therefore came to inaugurate the project on 28 November, complete with speeches, plenty of cakes and fireworks. The entire EnergyVision team (Belgians, Chinese and Moroccans alike) joined in the celebrations.

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EnergyVision @ silverfoo EnergyVision @ silverfood

Silver Food Group – a class leading fish canning company in Morocco – have a passion for sustainability and renewable energy. A robust Corporate Social Responsibility Program identified an opportunity for a Solar Farm in our facility in Casablanca. EnergyVision were chosen as a perfect partner to accomplish this mission and support our continued investment in the region. Their professionalism and end to end project management has seen the installation of over 4,000 solar panels in a record time of only 4 weeks which was only made possible due to daily project management. A six year financing deal and free electricity for many years to come only confirms we made the right choice in EnergyVision.
To celebrate this achievement and to thank EnergyVision for all their hard work, we arranged an inauguration ceremony on the 28th November which was attended by HRH Princess Astrid of Belgian along with senior Ministers from various Moroccan departments. This project is the first of its kind in Morocco and has been very well received by all concerned parties.

Robin MoodyCEO, Silver Food

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EnergyVision @ silverfood
EnergyVision @ silverfood
EnergyVision @ silverfood
EnergyVision @ silverfood
EnergyVision @ silverfood

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Thank you for your confidence in us, Silver Food!