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Solar panels

Cheap, green energy starts with your EnergyVision solar installation. Coupled with an EnergyVision energy contract for electricity, you are guaranteed to save on your energy bill.

Make the smart energy switch!

We invest in your solar panels

  • With your energy contract, we place a free solar installation from EnergyVision on your roof.
  • Moreover, you will not have any costs at all: the panels, maintenance, any interventions afterwards,... we take care of it all. 
  • You only pay for your own consumed green electricity at an advantageous flat rate of €0,20/kWh. 



What exactly does a solar installation from EnergyVision include?

How much will I save thanks to solar panels?  

Depending on the number of solar panels on your roof and the tariff of your energy contract, you can quickly save several hundred euros a year, without having to invest a single euro.

Example: We consider a standard consumption of 3.500 kWh per year (family with two children). Suppose we can place an installation of 10 solar panels on your roof, the installation will generate around 4.000 kWh of green electricity annually. You won't be able to use every kWh of that: for instance, the installation will also generate energy when you're not at home (on a nice summer's day while you're travelling, for instance). On average, you will be able to use about 1.500 kWh of the energy produced. For that energy, you pay us a fixed rate of 0,20 €/kWh (this rate remains unchanged for 30 years, guaranteed!). There are no more distribution costs, taxes or other charges on top of that. Whereas the electricity you get from the grid cost more than 0,40 €/kWh last year. In this example, you save as much as 50% on that 1.500 kWh coming from the solar panels. That equates to a saving of €300 a year, without any effort or investment.

In short, green and locally produced energy provides great savings on your energy bill. We offer you long-term security, at a low price and you can get out monthly. 

Your solar installation is just the beginning of lower energy invoices

Your solar panels linked to a low-cost energy contract

With an energy contract for electricity, you will save much more. Buy your energy from EnergyVision and get your solar installation completely free of charge.

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How do we finance your installation?

You pay a fixed fee of €0,20/kWh for the green electricity you consume. This tariff is so advantageous that you immediately save on your energy bill, even if you benefit from the social tariff.

The electricity you do not need is injected into the grid. This allows other households to draw green electricity from the grid or charge their electric cars at our charging stations. That way, we earn back our investment. A win-win!

Comments from customers

"Smooth, as per agreement, clean finish, friendly technician and friendly placers."

- Filip Cnudde van vzw Helping Dogs

"Everything was well organised and executed as agreed."

- Sam Moeremans

"Very satisfied. Everything went as agreed."

- Pascal Dams

"Satisfied! The installation was done quickly."

- Russel Vanoystaeyen

"A smooth handling by EnergyVision. I am very satisfied."

- Remi Leenders

"The installation was professional and quick."

- Steve Vervaet

"Everything went smoothly. Great service!"

- Patrick Blockmans

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