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Fast charging and slow charging at the same rate

At EnergyVision, we guarantee you the lowest rate for fast and slow charging in Belgium. We can promise you this because we compare all charging tariffs on a daily basis. Did you find a cheaper price somewhere else? We will refund you the difference.

✔ Customer with EnergyVision

You are a customer with us and you charge with an EnergyVision charging card.

✔ Public charging station

You saw a cheaper tariff at a public charge point. Private and semi-public charge points do not qualify. Cheaper tariffs due to promotions (e.g. cashback, price reduction or charging while shopping) also do not qualify.

✔ The same day

The cheaper rate you saw must apply coor the same day. Wrong prices from other providers do not apply.

✔ Price per kWh

The tariff is calculated on the basis of the price per kWh. Rates per minute, sessions with a starting charge or sessions via subscription formulas do not constitute a source of comparison.

✔ In Belgium

The charge point where you saw a cheaper tariff is located in Belgium. Foreign tariffs do not count.

✔ 7,4 kW or higher

The charge point where you saw a lower rate must be 7.4 kW or higher.

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Do you charge at one of the EnergyVision charging stations with your EnergyVision charging card? Then you will enjoy the lowest rate for fast charging as well as regular charging! 

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