Striving to create an impact


  • Simplicity pays off. Our offering is clear and simple: we aim to relieve our customers of their worries. No surprises, small print, nasty business or changes after a deal is done. No struggles. We talk through problems. That’s how we keep things simple.
  • Responsibility: Within EnergyVision responsibility is not a meaningless concept. Working within teams and departments, everyone takes responsibility for his/her projects, we think proactively and work together. We work under the principle of “say what you do and do what you say”. Together we dare to decide, but also to work and celebrate.
  • Impact starts with ourselves. That is why we are curious and eager to learn. We take initiative, continue to develop ourselves and as colleagues we inspire each other.
  • Dare to change. We think along with customers in a changing world. We’ll make adjustments where necessary. The whole world is changing - we’re not standing still.

We are sincere and authentic


  • Modesty is a virtue. We help each other and don’t tolerate cliques or egos. We are not afraid to make mistakes (we learn from them, after all). Authenticity pays off.
  • Passion for our customers and projects. We love what we do and we do it with conviction.
  • We are all one in a diverse world. We collaborate with one another regardless of origin, gender, age, creed, background or conviction. This diversity is enriching. We work towards the same goal and write on the same page, no matter where we work within the group. We listen to and respect each other.
  • Our focus is on solutions, not problems. We think about how we can improve things. Consultation with colleagues is important: we encourage team members to dare to make proposals themselves or to offer alternatives.

Transparency, clarity and openness are crucial


  • We encourage openness, do not shield things from colleagues and look beyond our own ivory tower or department.
  • We share information with one another. Sharing information among ourselves promotes efficiency, enriches and produces better results in our teams. We rather send one cc too many than too few.
  • We call for clarity: clear and direct information, for our colleagues, for our customers, everyone.
  • “Be welcome” is part of our corporate culture . Our company is not based on hierarchy: management is there when things go wrong and to take responsibility. We dare to jump in head-first and try things out - there is no need to feel inhibited or have stage fright here.