We take care of everything from A-Z

Free charging station for your business

  • Free charging station with 100% green and 100% local energy.
  • We take care of the purchase, installation, operation and maintenance of the charging station. 

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Free charging station with 100% green and 100% local energy.

Your company cars are going electric. Or your customers or suppliers drive electric and cannot charge at your company? Don't worry, EnergyVision has the solution for you. We install 100% free charging stations at your parking site. You, your customers and the neighbourhood can charge at very competitive rates.

We take care of everything for you 

  • No costs. You avoid a large investment in charging stations, civil works and possibly even in a high-voltage cabin. No worries. 
  • We arrange everything from A to Z. We take care of the preliminary study, installation, monitoring, a 24/7 helpdesk, charging cards, etc. 
  • Guaranteed low charging rate. At EnergyVision, your employees and/or visitors charge at a competitive price.

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How do we work?

We take care of everything from A-Z

  1. 01

    Step 1: We review your energy profile and determine future needs with you

    At our expense, we do a feasibility study: how many charging stations and energy do you need? Do you prefer slow or fast charging points? Do you want to control the charge posts smartly? Do you want to combine the charging stations with a PV installation? What (civil) works are required? Based on a questionnaire and a site visit, we gain insight into the details of your project.

    If the connection needs to be reinforced or a new medium-voltage cabin needs to be installed, the grid operator will carry out a grid study (also at our expense) and give an independent opinion. This makes it immediately clear what interventions, if any, are needed on your infrastructure.

    We apply for the necessary permits for the electricity reinforcement, as well as for any planning permission. Again: at our expense.

  2. 02

    Step 2: We start the installation process

    Feasibility study, grid study and permits are ok? We have a go! We take care of everything. The entire administration, the installation of the charging stations via our installers, the financing of the entire project, insurance, commissioning and then also maintenance and monitoring. After the inspection, we take care of commissioning and the link to the software platform.

  3. 03

    Stap 3: Exploitation of the charging area

    During the term of the contract, EnergyVision provides 24/7 support and ongoing monitoring of the charging station!

    Your visitors and employees can count on competitive rates for charging their electric vehicles.

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Interested in our charge card?

With the EnergyVision charge card, you enjoy the lowest rate for fast charging and normal charging! 

  • 24/7 available
  • Always the lowest rate
  • Better than 98% of all providers

Besides our own network, our charge card gives you access to more than 350,000 charging points across Europe! 

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We take care of everything from A-Z

With EnergyVision, your company enjoys a free charging infrastructure

You have a business and are looking for free charging stations or a full charging zone? With EnergyVision, you have found the perfect solution. We take care of everything from A-Z

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