Annual reports

You can consult all of EnergyVision's annual reports below.

Annual Report 2023 | Here rises 2024

BRUSSELS, 24 April 2024 - The year 2023, after the energy crisis of 2022, was a year in which the whole market plunged (lower energy prices, fewer installations, less solar irradiation too). But despite those circumstances, EnergyVision continued to grow. Our consolidated turnover rose to EUR 121 million, EBITDA grew to over EUR 30 million. The growth was mainly in home country Belgium (+65%, compared to 24% in China). More than growing for the ninth year in a row, 2023 was dominated by 2024. We laid the foundations for an unforgettable year. 2024, the year in which EnergyVision turns 10 (at the end of October, all employees and their families will fly to Marrakesh to celebrate). 2024, the year in which social elections would have taken place for the first time, were it not for the fact that our staff decided there were no candidates (did I mention we had the best team in the world?). 2024, the year when we roll out even more widely our mission to make the energy transition accessible to all. To start now on Monday: that's when we launch our next major step in the energy transition! 


Annual Report 2022 | Overcoming the energy crisis

BRUSSELS, 26 April 2023 - In keeping with annual tradition, our annual report is back on our website around this time. For the first time, that overview is in a digital format (although a paper version will also be released soon, with extensive financial reporting). 2022 was a year full of growth, again. EnergyVision's consolidated turnover increased by 32% to EUR 117 million, consolidated EBITDA rose by 84% to EUR 26,7 million, most of it recurring. We recorded growth in all countries and in all segments. Subsidiary company EnergyDrive also started year one with a profit. Every year, at the start of a new year, we say that this is just the beginning. This year was no different: 2023 announced itself very well and we are now seeing that in practice. But for now, back to 2022 very briefly, in our widely acclaimed annual report, this year titled: "2022, beyond the energy crisis".
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Annual Report 2021 | Growing in a perfect storm

BRUSSELS, 13 APRIL 2022 - What a terrible year 2021 was. High raw material prices, high transport prices, a shortage of materials, little solar radiation, low consumer confidence, unstable regulations. It was a perfect storm. Turnover figures in the sector plummeted by 60 to 80%. We felt it, the difficult context of 2021.
And yet it turned out to be a year of growth and profit again. Our turnover rose by almost 17%. We never built more projects. We strengthened our capital buffers for the first time since our founding. We kept hiring. We continued to grow. And we continue to have the very best employees and customers in the world.
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Annual Report 2020 | A year of champagne and other bubbles

BRUSSELS, 20 APRIL 2021 - Full of gratitude, we present you our 2020 Annual Report. After a brilliant 2019, we at EnergyVision looked to the future with hope and optimism. And then came 2020 and came Corona. So much has happened. Nothing has changed. And at the same time, everything changed. But we kept on growing. The results speak for themselves: our turnover rose by over 70%, our EBITDA by over 85%, our net profit by over 40%. We welcomed 21 new employees. All of this is only possible thanks to our customers, our partners and, above all, our fantastic employees. They are the best in the world.

Annual Report 2019 | Ready for the future

GHENT, 31 MARCH 2020 - We are pleased to present to you our 2019 figures, which EnergyVision’s General Meeting approved this week. 2019 was a fantastic year for the company. It was a year in which our earnings increased by 26% and our profits by 122%, and in which we welcomed 36 new employees. It was the fifth year in our history and also the fifth consecutive year that ended with a profit.