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Annual Report 2022 | Overcoming the energy crisis


In keeping with annual tradition, our annual report is back on our website around this time. For the first time, that overview is in a digital format (although a paper version will also be released soon, with extensive financial reporting). 2022 was a year full of growth, again. EnergyVision's consolidated turnover increased by 32% to EUR 117 million, consolidated EBITDA rose by 84% to EUR 26,7 million, most of it recurring. We recorded growth in all countries and in all segments. Subsidiary company EnergyDrive also started year one with a profit. Every year, at the start of a new year, we say that this is just the beginning. This year was no different: 2023 announced itself very well and we are now seeing that in practice. But for now, back to 2022 very briefly, in our widely acclaimed annual report, this year titled: "2022, beyond the energy crisis".

View the digital annual report 2022 here