EnergyVision first energy supplier ever to dive under social tariff


BRUSSELS 09 June 2024 -The green energy supplier EnergyVision is the first electricity provider ever in our country to dive below the social tariff. It does so with its contract with free solar panels (Cheap Power + Solar energy). "Specifically, we give customers an extra discount in the first year - also retroactively - which reduces our already extremely cheap tariff even further and even keeps it below the social tariff," said CEO Maarten Michielssens. At the same time, EnergyVision is launching a new green power contract this week, specifically for customers who cannot install (additional) solar panels, such as tenants and appartment residents (Cheap Power). 

In late April, EnergyVision launched the first-ever energy contract in our country that offers households extremely long protection against market price fluctuations. And it does so by attaching free solar panels to the contracts. This allows up to 70% of the energy bill to be locked into a fixed tariff for at least ten years. The longest formula ever on the Belgian market. Although interest is high, EnergyVision noted from conversations with customers and organisations such as Test-Aankoop that there were still some barriers. 

"We are removing those now. We are adjusting the conditions, including retroactively. For example, after five years you can now have the solar panels removed and the contract terminated. We want to offer customers security, but not lock them in. In addition, we give them an extra discount in the first year, so our tariff even dives below the social tariff, which is already typically 30% below the average energy tariff." Maarten Michielssens, CEO of EnergyVision

Energy contract for tenants

Until now, the energy company mainly targeted households that did not yet have solar panels. From 9 July 2024, this will change and EnergyVision will also offer the possibility to take out a green power contract without solar panels that offers extremely long protection against price fluctuations on the market. With the "Cheap Power" offer, the energy supplier also enables tenants and residents of flats - who often cannot decide to have solar panels installed themselves - to consciously choose local, green energy. 

"The principle of this new product is the same: 10-year security with a cheap fixed rate. And that in a market where many suppliers are just betting on variable and dynamic contracts, and therefore uncertainty. All in all, even with this formula you can hedge 70-90% of your bill for years against price fluctuations. And at the same time, you also retain the advantage of a variable contract: if you are no longer satisfied, you can cancel every month, at no cost." Maarten Michielssens, CEO of EnergyVision

All electricity comes from EnergyVision's own production, which will be boosted a lot in the coming months and years by, among other things, large solar parks at Ostend airport and in Wallonia. It is thus sailing against the tide, in a time of crisis for solar panel installers.

Supply with gas

To open up the offer in Flanders to even more people, and thus get even more Flemings to make the switch to green energy, EnergyVision is now also adding the option - in addition to 100% green power - to purchase natural gas. 

"EnergyVision was founded to help people and do good for the planet. And now we are selling gas. Why? The answer is very simple: because we literally don't want to leave our customers out in the cold. We can hardly say that we want to help as many people as possible, if at the same time we exclude a large group. Almost all families still heat their homes with gas. Most families and households buy their gas and electricity from the same supplier. If we feel too good to sell gas, we exclude a lot of people: often people who live in low-energy-efficiency homes, the very people we want to unburden." Maarten Michielssens, CEO of EnergyVision

The gas offer does come with clear commitments. For instance, it is not possible to buy gas alone from EnergyVision. This must always be done in combination with the 100% green electricity contracts it offers.

"We additionally want to look with our customers to move away from gas by 2030, and instead heat homes with heat pumps, which run on green energy. We do this in an engaged way. We do not want to cost our customers, which is why we are willing to bear the investment of the heat pumps to make homes more sustainable. We expect gas distribution costs to rise in the coming years, while technology costs will fall, making heat pumps increasingly a cost-effective alternative." Maarten Michielssens, CEO of EnergyVision


Meanwhile, EnergyVision is preparing to launch an energy contract in Brussels as well. By the end of the summer holidays, the energy company is expected to get the green light from Brussels energy regulator Brugel to launch a formula that will also be the cheapest on the market. 

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