EnergyVision in European Top-10 in Chargemap rankings


JETTE, 25 JUNE 2024 - EnergyVision is in the European Top 10 most reliable charging networks for a worry-free summer holiday!

Chargemap has published its European ranking of the most reliable charging networks for worry-free summer holidays in 2024 in Europe. EnergyVision scores 10th place in the European ranking!

The ranking was compiled based on ratings from more than 80,000 unique users and 225,000 collected ratings on the reliability criterion. The reliability criterion includes the ease of use, the start of charging, the ratio between delivered and expected power, as well as the condition of the stations and cables.

We are proud of this recognition and remain committed to providing reliable and efficient charging solutions for all our users. We thank our customers for their trust and positive feedback, we continue to strive for the highest quality standards in our services.