In its tender for the installation and operation of charging infrastructure, ASTER has chosen EnergyVision again.


ASTER cv, the overarching company of housing corporations committed to a sustainable social housing market, has once again chosen EnergyVision in its tender for the installation and operation of a charging infrastructure.

EnergyVision will not only supply and install the charging stations, but also take full responsibility for management and maintenance as a Charging Point Operator (CPO). As a result, the 41 member residential companies can count on a total solution for their charging points at residential areas, offices, flats, parking facilities and even at residents' or employees' homes.

Besides supplying charging stations, EnergyVision, as Mobility Service Provicer (MSP), offers additional services such as charging passes, billing and a user interface via a mobile app. In September 2024, EnergyVision will hold a webinar to further inform residential companies about electric driving, charging and EnergyVision's role in it.

ASTER previously chose EnergyVision to install and maintain solar panels on more than 50,000 social housing units across Flanders. In the meantime, more than 10,000 social housing units have already been provided with solar panels.