Consumer organisation investigates our new energy contract


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A Belgian consumer organisation recently examined our new energy contract. For people with average electricity consumption who do not yet have solar panels, our offer turns out to be one of the most advantageous in terms of price and also offers a long price guarantee.

EnergyVision's energy contract

This week, EnergyVision launched a green energy contract with long-term price guarantees and free solar panels. The contract includes a ‘hybrid’ tariff structure, consisting of both fixed and variable tariffs, and consists of three components:

  1. Self-consumption of solar panels: For the electricity generated by the free solar panels we install, you pay a fixed price of 20 c€ per kWh for 30 years. No grid charges or levies apply to this tariff, as it is self-consumption.
  2. Purchase from the electricity grid (up to 1,000 kWh per year): For the electricity you take off when the solar panels do not produce enough, you pay a fixed rate of 9.5 c€ per kWh for the first 1,000 kWh per year. This price remains fixed for 10 years.
  3. Remaining consumption: For consumption above 1,000 kWh, you pay a variable tariff that is adjusted monthly. In April 2024, this tariff was 9.92 c€ per kWh.


Competitive offer with long price guarantee

According to a calculation by the Belgian consumer association, our offer is very attractive for an average electricity consumption. Assuming an average consumption of 3,500 kWh and self-consumption of 1,200 kWh from a solar panel installation generating 4,000 kWh per year, this leaves 2,300 kWh of off-take from the grid. For a family in Ghent, our offer amounts to an annual bill of €972, with a €100 discount in the first year, bringing the total to €872.

Price guarantee and flexibility

The long price guarantee is a major asset of our offer. With a fixed price on self-consumption (30 years) and the first 1,000 kWh of consumption (10 years), EnergyVision offers more price security than fully variable tariffs. This price guarantee is considerably longer than traditional fixed energy contracts, which usually have a term of only one year. In addition, the energy contract is terminable at any time.


Our energy contract is one of the most advantageous offers for average electricity consumption while offering a long price guarantee on part of the consumption. The contract is especially suitable for homeowners without solar panels. For more information on this analysis, please visit the Belgian Consumer Association's website at this link.

Future offer

For those who already have solar panels or are tenants who cannot install solar panels, we are expanding our offer this summer. You can already register on our waiting list for more information.