Why we sell gas as a green company


JETTE 18 June 2024 - EnergyVision was founded to help people and do good for the planet. And now we are selling gas. But it comes with a commitment.

Since this week, we have had a licence to sell natural gas, but before we submitted our application, there were long debates internally.
Natural gas is not green, not clean, it pollutes.
Why on earth would we want to sell it?
The answer is very simple: because we literally don't want to leave our customers sitting out in the cold.

The reason why we sell gas from now on is simply because we can hardly say we want to help as many people as possible if we exclude people at the same time (we are also expanding our energy products for the same reason, more on that later). 
The reality of things is that still almost all families heat their homes on gas. 
The second reality is that most families and households buy their gas and electricity from the same supplier.
When we feel too good to sell gas, we exclude a lot of people. Often people living in low-energy-efficiency homes, the very people we want to unburden.
If we feel too good to sell gas, then people looking for combi products will not find us in price comparators.

And so last year, after long discussions internally, we decided to apply for a natural gas supply licence.
Because we literally don't want to leave our customers sitting out in the cold.
But our gas offer comes with some commitments.

  1. With us, it is not possible to buy only gas. It must always be combined with electricity (and our electricity is always green, cheap and generated locally).
  2. We want to look with our customers to move away from gas by 2030, towards a heat pump, which can run on green energy. We don't want to cost our customers: we are happy to bear the investment and thus help make homes greener. But we want to move in a clear direction over time: away from polluting gas, towards renewable energy.

So in the meantime, we sell natural gas, and preferably to as many people as possible: because that means as many people as possible want to and can join the energy transition.

Green and cheap for everyone

Exclude no one, which is also why we are expanding our range of energy contracts.

In spring, we launched our "Goedkope Stroom + Eigen Zon" formula. That offer was only valid for home owners who did not yet have solar panels. They received free solar panels from us, and a full energy contract (some of which even had a 10-year fixed tariff). That offer remains, but we are lowering the thresholds. We don't want any small print or strangling contracts or expensive redemptions at all. Therefore, after 5 years, anyone (including retroactively, those who have joined before) will simply be able to have the solar panels removed and the contract terminated (at the same time, the installation can also continue to be bought over at any time, or a customer can stop the energy contract with us but continue to buy solar energy). This tariff is and will remain the cheapest tariff in the market, which has been the case every month since its launch. With the welcome discount included, the tariff is even cheaper than the social tariff!

Before 15 July 2024, we will also launch a formula without solar panels, simply "Cheap Power": 1,000 kWh at a fixed rate for 10 years. The additional consumption at variable rate. Cancelable at any time, no small print. This tariff will be predictable, cheap, 100% green and 100% local. With the welcome discount included, it will be among the very cheapest formulas in the market. And there's absolutely no small print: at any time, the contract can be terminated, without charge.

It's up to us to prove ourselves, day after day: that we deliver super customer service and that we can offer the cheapest power, day after day.

We are ready for it!